We are here to believe in, serve, and support you


YOU are here for a reason. And by HERE we mean in this industry, on your team, at the level you are at, and on this site right now. ALL OF IT. If you look back at the past few years, chances are you can see the path that brought you to this point. The question you want to ask yourself now is are you ready to move forward? Are you ready for a higher level of success, touching more lives, making more money, serving more people? YES? Well, you are in the right place. We believe in YOU, and are here to serve and support you in achieving YOUR vision of success.


We support individuals in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry. Whether you are an established leader, a new leader, or just getting started in the industry we are going to grow with you! The solution we have will empower you to create the success you desire and deserve! It's an honor to serve this industry.


We provide the online tools and training that will assist you in taking your business to the next level. We value technology and innovation, as well as authentic human connections. We know that when these are combined you will be an unstoppable networker. Take a Tour and see how the Tools Rock System is the solution you have been looking for.


Whether you are leader of one or many, you are indeed a leader. With leadership comes responsibility. Your responsibility is to empower yourself and your team with what they need to be successful in their business. You and your team deserve a simple, duplicatable way to recruit and build a business so you can all create a sustainable stream of residual income and impact the lives of many.


ToolsRock is your partner in creating this.


We are passionate about the Home Based Business industry and the many opportunities it offers. We are also huge admirers of the many LEADERS in this industry (like you) that take a stand for the freedom, power and personal growth available through the MLM business model.


Our mission is to provide you and your team with a Duplicatable Marketing System that allows for MASSIVE GROWTH and EFFORTLESS DUPLICATION. Reach out and we can show you how.


Whether you are looking to utilize our pre-built websites and autoresponders to get up and running quickly, or are seeking to create a fully customized sales and marketing solution, ToolsRock is the place for you and your team! With our systems, even your newest team member will get into immediate and correct action. It's an honor to serve you.

Here at ToolsRock, we PROMISE you the following:



You are the leader. We are just here to support you in doing your job. This is why we play a behind-the-scenes roll to empower you with what YOU and YOUR TEAM need to be unstoppable.


Creating a solution with ToolsRock, you and your team will leverage technology and the power of the internet. Technology can be scary for some people and we will support you and your team in understanding and using this technology. You and your team will have access to Open Forum Trainings, Live Chat Support, Video Training Libraries and even your own personal Team Training Room that further positions and edifies you as the amazing leader that you are.


Your contacts are YOURS. It's as simple as that. We take this VERY SERIOUSLY. Your database will never be seen by anyone other than yourself and the support personnel at ToolsRock. The ToolsRock staff are not a part of an MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales business… and won't be. Furthermore, you, nor anyone on your team using ToolsRock, will be exposed to other leaders in the industry. We take pride in making ToolsRock a safe environment for your downline. It's the ONLY way.